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Q      What is SugarFree?

Sugar Free is a sugar substitute that aims to replace the sugar in your food, not the sweetness so you can remain healthy without making any drastic compromises.

Q     Is SugarFree Safe for consumption?

SugarFree is safe for consumption. SugarFree comes in 3 variants – SugarFree Gold which contains Aspartame; SugarFree Natura which is made from Sucralose; and SugarFree Green which contains Stevia.

Q     Is SugarFree harmful?

SugarFree is safe. There are enough studies to prove that Aspartame and Sucralose are safe for consumption; with ADIs mentioned for each of them.

Q      Do I have to compromise with taste as SugarFree has a weird aftertaste to it?

Sugar Free adds sugar like sweetness to the food without the calories of Sugar. Choose the variant that best suits your taste buds; from – SugarFree Gold, Natura or Green.

Q     Can I add Sugar Free to my food?

You can use Sugar Free Natura for culinary applications like cooking, baking, etc. Enjoy the sweetness of your food without worrying about the calories. Do add Sugar Free Natura to your food and tell us all about the experience

Also, do check out some smart sugar free recipes on our website:

Q     What is the difference between Sugar Free Natura and Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar?

The difference between the two is the way they’re used in various beverages/food items.

One measured spoon (found inside the pack) of Sugar Free Natura powder concentrate is equivalent in sweetness to 1 tsp of sugar

One tsp of Sugar Free Natura Diet sugar is equivalent in sweetness to 1 tsp of sugar

Q      Is there any limit to how many times in a day/week one can use Sugar Free?

While overconsumption of any food item or ingredient can prove to me harmful, you can replace your daily intake of sugar with SugarFree. The ADIs for each of the 3 variants is mentioned on the pack

Q     What’s the difference between the drops, pellets and powder format of Sugar Free Natura?

The differentiation has been brought to support various usage patterns. It is advisable to use pellets in hot beverages since they will dissolve well. On the other hand, drops and powder formats can be used in all food preparations and beverages.

Q     How the product has to be stored?

Sugar Free needs to be stored in a dry place and kept away from extreme heat or cold.