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Stevia Leaves Sugar Free

Sugar Free Green

It is 100% Natural* and is made from Stevia leaves. It’s the perfect natural sweetener for beverages and desserts that you can share with your family including kids.

Benefits and Features

  • It is 100% Natural*
  • It is made from Stevia leaves which has zero calories
  • It can be used for making variety of beverages and desserts
  • It is made for everyone in the family including kids

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  • Provides natural sweetness along with calories.
  • Sugar can be harmful if taken in excess amounts, leading to a risk factor for diabetics and health conscious individuals.

Sugar Free Green

  • Zero calorie Natural sweeter.
  • Ideal for Individuals who are driven towards heath and general fitness.
  • Ideal for diabetics.

Absolutely Safe and Approved

100% safe and approved by the WHO, USFDA and FSSAI as a safe artificial sweetener to use, Sugar Free is good for all health conscious individuals and diabetics.



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